About Us


Diane “Dee” LaBerge

I have been disabled for the last nine years so taking this adventure is both scary and exhilarating. I have the support of my sister who knows that there will be days when I will not be able to move, and we must just sit and enjoy the scenery we are.  Over the last few years I have worked hard to reach my goal to travel the world.  I have lost 100 pounds; and with the help of my very supportive pain specialist MD, I have discontinued use of high doses of opiates.  Through meditation, steroid injections and others forms of medications, we have developed a pain management plan that allows me to live my life to its fullest.  It is not always be easy, but I will live my dream to travel the world.. even if it is at a snails pace. I am sure I will see more beauty and meet more people as I take the time to smell the roses.

Michelle LaBerge

At a very early age, I knew I wanted to travel.  I knew I didn’t want what was expected of an end of the baby boomer era born female.  I didn’t want to be married, I didn’t want children.  I always felt it was hard enough taking care of myself, never mind being responsible for others.
I didn’t have the money or confidence to go to college.  Instead, I opted for secretarial school.  Through the years, using my wits, talents, and luck, I worked myself into more and more responsibility.  From working as a paper girl, baby sister, McDonald’s cashier, receptionist, and finally ending with managing a yearly multi-million dollar budget, I am finally able to live my dream. I heeded my mother’s advice.  I saved minimally 20% of my income every paycheck. Even when I was making $5.00 an hour.  I lived below my means.  I sought the advice of sound financial advisors.  At the age of 55, I am ready to move on and travel.  We have sold most of our possessions.  What remains are a few letters and mementoes, safely stored with my brother Bill.  I own enough clothing to last about a week and a half before doing laundry.
I look forward to traveling the world with my best friend and sister, Dee.  We will move at the pace that works best for us.  We want to explore and understand the fabric of what makes this planet tick.  We invite you to join us in our journey through this blog site.