Our Journey Into The Canadian Rockiest

This portion of our Canadian journey started in Jasper and ended in Vancouver Canada. Our means of transportation for the most part was bus tours and the Rocky Mountaineer Train. We started in Jasper with a 8.5 hour bus tour to Lake Louise.


This might seem like a long bus ride but we disembarked several times alongs the way and the day went by pretty quickly.

Leaving Jasper we headed to the Athabasca River to the Maligne Lake. A stop at Maligne Canyon offers staggering views of the river thundering through a series of magnificent waterfalls in a gorge 10,000 years in the making.

Sunwapta Valley & The Glacier Skywalk

This was probably the biggest challenge for Michelle as she is a bit leery of heights and this is by no means a place for anyone with Acrophobia. Once you get over the eery feeling of walking on air the views were fantastic down the valley. I was able to see some white rams in the distance with my binoculars. The winds really whips up there so we were glad to have made this trip during the summer months.

Then we were off to visit the glaciers. I included a little video which pretty much explained how we got there. Of course Michelle and I were not dressed so warmly as the folks in the video. We were the only ones in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. We stayed on long enough to get a picture taken and fill our canister with fresh water, then back on the warm bus. Note to self when visiting glacier… dress warmer.


This is a video we actually took that day look how clear the water is.

Banff Gondola

This was a very disappointing part of the trip, due to the severe brush fires in Canada the smoke had polluted the air quality so badly the visibility was very poor. When we reached the topped of the mountains we could barely see a few feet ahead of us, Although disappointed it was hard to complain when so many Canadians had lost their homes and land in the fires.

Banff Hot Spring

Frankly we could have done without this part of the tour. Its a historical landmark as it was the first hot spring used in these part to draw folks to area. Interesting enough some strange spore-like creature have developed in the cave that give off this (and I can’t stress) odoriferous sulfa “Rotten egg” smell you have ever come across. Apparently this creature is unique to this cave and is on the species endangered list so the spa can no longer be used by humans for it curative effects. Frankly going in the cave to see this mucus like smelly creature was no treat either. The rest of the site is made into a 18th century railroad town with characters of the period. It was more geared toward families with children. We were glad to be on are way.

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